Ticket & Price

Ticket (USD) Early Bird Discount
before Sep. 20 (including the day)
Regular / On site
after Sep. 20
测试票价 0 0.02
VIP Invited 100
Participant 280 400
Student 182 260
Media ------- Invited
Volunteer ------- Verification
For Product Launch 125 125

1. The Standard Package includes access to all presentations, product launch, lunches, coffee/tea breaks,
conference banquet, conference material.
2. Accommodation or transportation is NOT included in the registration fee of the conference.
3. The registered student must provide a valid student ID at the conference.
4. Conference pass is NOT transferable.
5. All discounts are valid only before the deadlines outlined in Registration Fee (above).
6. Registration Cancellation/Refunds: To receive a registration fee refund, Registrants must send a written request to the
ICG Organizing Committee at icg@genomics.cn to cancel the registration no later than September 30, 2019. 70% of
the registration fee will be refunded. No refunds will be issued for cancellations requested after the deadline.
7. Any questions regarding obtaining an invoice and an invitation letter (for VISA Application) should be directed to
icg@genomics.cn after the payment is made.

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